We all have aspects of ourselves that consciously or unconsciously interfere with our development, true expression and/or our heart’s desire. These limitations are usually the result of the internal structures that dictate our negative beliefs, defense mechanisms, self-sabotaging habitual patterns, and cognitive distortions that interfere with our optimal growth and development.

Although most of us endeavor to change to accommodate these limitations, at Seven Seas we give participants the technology to transform into a new way of being enabling them to transcend these limitations and open the door to unlimited future possibilities.

Using evidenced based trauma sensitive approaches we help participants identify, address and breakthrough limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to enhance:

The quality of relationships with the self

The quality of relationships with others






Self Motivation

Overall life fulfillment.

The ability to be in service


Developing real world skills is essential for lasting independence and success. Seven Seas calls on community leaders who are seasoned professionals at the top of their field to educate our participants on the best approaches to navigating the practicalities of life.

Time and financial management

Strategic planning/Decision making

Business accumen/Negotiation/Mediation

Vocational ettiquette

Public speaking/presentations,

Health, Nutrition, and Culinary

Relational Intelligence.

Vocational Etiquette


To put these skills into practice, Seven Seas participants are tasked to plan, prepare for, and execute a 7-day Voyage in the Hawaiian Islands. Under expert professional guidance they are responsible for all aspects of the trip.


For the safe and timely arrival at a desired destination, one must have a seaworthy vessel, adequate seamanship/provisions, the proper equipment, and the ability to carefully chart his course taking into account a multitude of variables that can affect the voyage.

Navigating towards one’s full potential is no different. By the completion of the program participants will have developed the confidence, competence and clarity to create a “Life Chart” to successfully navigate their course toward inventing the new possibilities, opportunities and desired outcomes discovered during their voyage with Seven Seas.

At the “Return Ceremony” they will deliver a presentation outlining their Life Chart and Pilgrimage experience to family and friends.

The free Integration Seminars for six months afterwards is devised to support participants to stay on course and stay true