Seven Seas is committed to staying apprised of, and utilizing cutting edge mind/brain research to inform and guide our programming. We take an interdisciplinary team approach where neuroscience provides guidance and personal connection and care offers support.

Research informs us that the last phase of brain development, particularly that of the corpus callosum (switchboard of the brain that connects the left and right hemispheres) completes its maturation at around the age of 26. Working with men in this age group is optimal because the brain is developmentally primed to get fully connected. In adolescents much of the erratic behaviors, moods and volatile emotions are due to the brain oscillating from left hemisphere, logical rational problem solving, to the right, more emotional, intuitive and imaginative. In adolescence the two sides tend to operate more independently rather than a team. In young adulthood the brain’s development is primarily focused on integrating the hemispheres so we can navigate life using both sides where and when appropriate.

Research has also established that optimal mind/brain development and lasting change occurs in environments where predictable empathic caregivers guide repeated structured routines, social emotional skill building opportunities in emotionally and physically safe settings.

Under such conditions the prefrontal cortex has the ideal environment to perform sustained attention focusing which allows the construction of new neural wiring, which is then further strengthened as more experiences are offered.

Then the thing most hoped for begins to happen; the young men become the “architect of their own brain” as they increasingly use the skills, implementing the structure on his own, allowing him to move forward independently developing a range of prefrontal/thinking skills through the gift of focused attention. The result is an individual who has greater capacity for focused attention, which brings a sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy, which translates directly into commitment, the key elements of lasting change. When an individual experiences success they typically want to do that which brings satisfaction.

The Seven Seas curriculum is designed to provide the above conditions along with a multitude of opportunities for young men to experience themselves as competent, confident and proud as they are continually guided to go beyond their own self-limiting beliefs and expectations.