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From our earliest days, seekers from every great religious tradition have made pilgrimages in the pursuit of inspiration, guidance, healing, and wisdom.

We use the natural sequence and rhythm of the Seven Stages of Pilgrimage to guide our process and chart the passage of learning, growth, and transformation. Our program is designed to help young men learn the technologies to overcome cognitive and emotional challenges; and to develop real world skills to produce results beyond what is currently expected, achievable or recognized.

This is an inner and outer journey where participants gain the confidence, compentence and clarity to solidify the foundations for creating a passionate and purposeful life. Through both individual and group experiences, participants cultivate responsibility and accountability for their own, as well as the collective pilgrimage of the group.



We all have a deep longing or desire for how we want to be and what we want to be and what we want in our lives. Participants learn to listen at the deepest levels to connect with their unique calling, passion, and purpose. Defining what we want and our idea of success is the first step in creating it.


Severance is about letting go of that which no longer serves. Acknowledging and accepting the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that stand in the way of our Longing helps participants cast off the ropes, leave dock and begin the voyage of possibilities.


One must possess an inner compass and the outer skills to navigate to a desired destination. Participants develop the technologies to think and act beyond their current internal limitations while learning real world skills essential for a successful life voyage. At this stage participants start adopting healthy new ways of being with a greater awareness of who they are and their desired heading.


Sailing into the uncharted waters of new beginnings one inevitably encounters adversity, challenge and a test of one’s resolve. At this stage participants face the habitual patterns that have prevented them from hearing their true inner voice and calling. Breakthroughs, solutions and transformation occur at this stage, and participants discover a deeper strength, resilience, and sense of self.


Prevailing through the storms of the Threshold, participants “Arrive” back at dock with a greater sense of confidence, competence and clarity about their unique truth, abilities and calling. This is a time of reflection and appreciation of their odyssey while taking stock of what they have gained and what has been left behind.


Participants create a “Life Chart” to strategically plan and prepare for the adjustment of bringing the new vision and way of being back into one’s life. Upon program completion, a “Return Ceremony” allows participants to present their Pilgrimage experience, and their Chart for the future to family and friends.


Integration is a lifelong process where participants bring the wisdom and experience they have gained on the pilgrimage into their lives, and learn to develop a new, participatory and conscious relationship to the place they left. For six months after completion, participants are encouraged to attend free monthly “Integration Seminars” to give and receive support with other Seven Seas graduates and to develop new skill sets.



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