William Gale has lived, worked and created businesses/programs in many locals including Canada, England, Cyprus, Switzerland, New Zealand and now the US. He has an intimate understanding of what it takes to live a passionate and purposeful life and is dedicated to helping others do the same.

For over 20 years William has supported clients in overcoming challenges and empowering their authentic selves. Through counseling, coaching, and group work, he has helped them activate their inner resources and realize their inherent potential. He believes that growth is served by identifying and integrating core material, which gives access to essence, passion, and life purpose.

Using his Hakomi training, William helps clients listen to their body’s intelligence to connect to their inner wisdom and take courageous action. He has a special affinity with working with males of all ages and has facilitated the personal growth of hundreds of men, adolescents and youth-at-risk using traditional therapy as well as Native American teachings and traditions.

William holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, is a Certified Mediator, Certified Hudson Institute Coach & Renewing Teams Facilitator and has New Zealand Coastal Yacht Masters Certification. His training includes: EMDR, Hakomi Body/Mind Psychotherapy, Gestalt Therapy, Embodied Leadership. He is also Founder and Director of Anger Management Services in Santa Barbara, CA.