Releases and Contract


It is our intention to make the enrollment process as easy as possible with personal care and attention.


1. Applicant should contact William Gale 805.845.2009 so that he can learn about you and your needs and answer your questions about Seven Seas.

2. Please complete the online application. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hours and you will be notified regarding acceptance.

3. Please download and sign the Participation Release Forms.


Upon completion please fax (805.456.0151) or email the release forms back to William Gale

4. Upon Approval

50% of program cost (This is a non refundable deposit) the remaining 50% is due one month before the start of the program.

A note from a physician clearing participation

Cost $7995.00

Includes weekend retreat, groups, individual sessions, monthly support groups for parents, SB Sailing, Airfare, all transport to and from SB-HI, 7-day Voyage in Hi, all food, materials and closing ceremony. Does not include Family Counseling, transport to and from the weekend retreat (we will car pool) nor to the harbor for SB Sailing days. Participants will be responsible to bring their own gear to Hawaii.


Seven Seas does not participate with, contract, accept or bill any insurance provider; however upon completion of the program, if requested we can provide you with documentation for the services provided and the necessary information you may need to provide to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.

Seven Seas Foundation 501.c.3

Seven Seas Foundation is in the process of forming a 501.c.3 nonprofit corporation and is working on avenues to provide sliding scales and scholarships for those who after a financial evaluation are eligible. There may be a variety of loan programs available through American Healthcare Lending.



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